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Welcome to Advantage Plastics, the rotational moulders that design and manufacture  products for the Marine, Agriculture, Contracting and Waste Industries.

Advantage Plastics is a family owned & operated business that commenced rotational moulding in 1999. With staff that are dedicated and  quality conscious, only the best products are produced so you can enjoy the sense of satisfaction.

Continual development of new product lines is a challenge but the results are exciting. The foremost rule is Quality, Service, Customer Attention, and Value for Money.

The range of highly respected plastic boats, branded SmartWave boats, are produced for the marine market and exported worldwide to destinations such as Australia, Europe, Pacific Islands etc. All the models have been through stringent testing procedures to successfully achieve the CE certification standards.

Also designed and produced is the unique range of plastic silos, branded SmartSilo, for the Agriculture, Horticulture, Fertiliser, liquid, and Wine industry. These a great for the storage of grain, feeds, fertilisers, flour, wine and liquids. Plastic wine storage units are becoming increasingly popular in the wine regions around New Zealand. And Advantage Plastics put these in the category of a total storage solution for almost anything!

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