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GEO40 - Cone Bottom Tanks

Written by Advantage Plastics on April 6th, 2021.      0 comments

Geo40 – Ohaaki Geothermal Fields Taupo

Geo40 has developed technology for the removal of silica from geothermal fluids that have already been used for power generation. They required a large number of cone bottom tanks for their process for the storage of liquid material with the overall capacity of 300,000L + approx. in number of different options/sizes.

Advantage Plastics worked alongside Geo40 to design the correct and a certified solution by utilizing a number of our standard design cone bottom tanks by customizing the tank and frame construction with a large number of modifications to meet their requirements which included additional stainless steel fittings and attachments, customized inlets and outlets, pipe work, increase wall thickness and customization of frame construction and ladder/cage system.

- In house meeting with client
- Customized design & certification of frame and tank
- Product manufacture
- Freighting of product

6x SS21 (21,000L) Cone bottom tanks
- 2x SS30 (30,000L) Cone bottom tanks
- 4x SS40 (40,000L) Cone bottom tanks
- Smart Silo Ladder/Cage System

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