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Temuka Seeds Smart Silos

Written by Advantage Plastics on February 5th, 2021.      0 comments

Temuka Seeds is an well established Grain, Seed and Stock Foods manufacturer based in Temuka - South Island.

Temuka Seeds required 2x storage silos to hold a number of different seeds and grains to be installed inside their shed and to dispense directly onto their new conveyor for product mixing/bagging. But with the height, room and degree of the conveyor being a challenge.

Advantage Plastics designed the prefect solution with 2x Smart Silos at different heights but with the same  diameter which fitted perfectly along the width the conveyor and also under the roof height. The frame work was also customized to allow the conveyor to go between the legs of the frame and with the increasing degree of conveyor the ground to outlet clearances had to be increased a lot outside of our standard option as well as a different configuration of support/strengthening bars.

- Site Measure Up
- Customized Frame Design 
- Product Manufacture
- Delivery

- Smart Silo SS8.5 
- Smart Silo SS14

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