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Smart Mixer Tank

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A self-mixing/dissolving tank for a range of fertilizers

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This is a great way to self-mix/dissolve a range of fertilizers (Ammonium Sulphate, Urea etc) yourself on farm, this has been proven with no hassles, fast dissolving, and no excess solids left in tank.

Ideal to premix micro nutrients / spray mixes before transferring to sprayer.

  •  3500/4000L Capacity, perfect size for mixing a bulk bag of product in one batch.
  • Tank manufactured from polyethylene, non-rusting material.
  • Strong and robust framework.
  • Weather & UV resistant.
  • 2” Inlet & outlet fittings with a bung in outlet.
  • Fast dissolving – e.g. 1200kg of SOA in under 15 minutes.
  • Complete discharge.
  • Easy to clean out.
  • 2x Top lids, 450mm openings.
  • Can be used for grains, meals etc out of season.

Pump Requirements (Minimum) – 600L/min, 50mm.
Ratio – 800L of water to 400kg of solid approximately.

Customer Feedback
“I have trailed the new advantage plastics cone bottom mixing tank, and I'm very pleased with its functionality. A sturdily built, well designed mixing tank; simple to fill, and add product to, and pump out again, easy to clean, and looks the part.” - Nigel, Canterbury.

Silo Height (m)   2.75
Silo Width (m)   2.2
Silo ground clearence  (mm)   350
Self Loading Height (m)   2.45
Silo Weight Only (kg)    150
Silo Thickness (mm)   8 - 11



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