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Smart Silo SS 30 (23t) - Standard Silo

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The SS30 Smart Silo is the most popular silo in our larger silo range - Best value for money!

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The Smart Silos are the ultimate Grain, Feed, and Fertiliser storage solution. The most elite silo manufactured in New Zealand.

The SmartSilo SS30 is our second largest silo in production with a capacity of 23 tonnes.These are our most popular Smart Silo in our larger silo range which is suitable for all applications and operations!

  • 30,000ltr capacity
  • Clean and easy discharge
  • Double angle cone for fast discharge
  • Access ladder/safety cage system (optional)
  • Spring loaded lid
  • Very low maintenance concept
  • Totally reduced condensation problems
  • Flexible design package to suit your needs
  • Food and health grade rated
  • Affordable value
  • Top quality (no rust, fully UV stabilized)
  • Easy finance options
  • Quick delivery
  • 30,000L
  • Wheat - 23T
  • Urea - 22T
  • Peas - 22T
  • Maize - 21T
  • Linseed - 21T
  • Barley - 20T
  • Meal - 19T
  • Palm Kernel - 18T
  • Pallets - 17T
  • Oats - 15T
Model   SS. 30
Silo Height (m)   6.2
Silo Width (m)   3.0
Silo ground clearence - custom (m)   0 - 1.6
Standard frame opening (m)   1.4
Silo Weight (kg)   725
Silo Thickness (mm)   8 - 12


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